An Alliance with State-Sponsored Terrorism

Today the U.S. Senate has handed our President “victory” in his effort to form a diplomatic alliance with Iran. Today President Obama lauded a history-making “step forward” for diplomacy. Today, on the anniversary of 9/11 (two days before the Feast of Trumpets and the Jewish New Year), the United States of America has agreed to support Islamic religious fanaticism by blocking Congress’ attempt to stop the “Bad Deal” before the U.S., Israel and much of the Free World will be faced with the dark horrors of a “Hitlerized” nation on steroids.

Many who say the so-called Nuke deal with Iran is disastrous have been warning us to fight against it. The majority of Americans don’t want it. 90% of Israelis are against it. Iran has continued to openly threaten Israel’s destruction. Iran continues to openly declare the eventual demise of the “Great Satan” America. Iran historically and presently lies, deceives and makes promises it has no intention of keeping…sounds like some politicians we could name. Iran boldly supports the Syrian “butcher” Bashar al-Assad who has murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people. Iran has formed an alliance with Putin’s Russia who is currently sending troops, missiles and war equipment to bolster Assad’s regime. Yes, this is the same Vladimir Putin who has been laughing at the growing ineptitude of the U.S. President and State Department’s efforts to influence the Middle East toward U.S. interests.

Iran sponsors Hezbollah, Assad and the evil powers dwelling in Gaza in an effort to wear down Israel’s defenses and bring destruction upon the Jewish nation. Adolf Hitler would be proud of Iran’s leadership – he could have taken some lessons from the Ayatollahs.

So, why is the Executive branch of our government forcing the majority of U.S. citizens as well as its most strategic ally in the Middle East, Israel, to support an unholy alliance with a nation bent on Expansionism and the destruction of Israel and the U.S.?

Unholy alliances have never been good for liberty or those who uphold Biblical values in an attempt to influence society for the good.


6 thoughts on “An Alliance with State-Sponsored Terrorism”

  1. Our administration is sympathetic to the radical Muslim cause and has no intent to align with Israel at all. They cause danger for Israel, criticize Christianity, and bow to Allah. Their hope for appeasement through this ridiculous “agreement” is fundamentally flawed and is more naive than words can describe. Iran laughs and laughs at us and prepares to wreak it havoc on Israel and the USA as it signs the papers. We have two choices as I see it. We can repent as a nation before God and right these wrongs or we can be prepared for the worst fate we can imagine….a nation which has lost the blessing and protection of the One True God.


  2. You should rather worry about your alliance with Saudi Arabia (the biggest importer of US weapons). Almost all 9/11 attackers were Saudis, but no one mentions Saudi Arabia as a state sponsor of terrorism.
    BTW you might be interested in:

    The first article is about 9/11 and it cites “New York Times”, “The New Yorker”, “BBC”, “Chicago Tribune”, …
    An absolute must read.

    I hope you enjoy the article.


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